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Violets in Wolsfeld Woods SNA Rue Anemone in Wolsfeld Woods SNA.

Spring is Here
-Volunteer Opportunities
*BWCAW Trail Clearing
Starting in May, volunteers with the Minnesota Wilderness Trail Alliance begin their trail clearing. Work in groups with experienced team leaders to clear trails and water crossings in and around the BWCAW.
*Department of Natural Resources
There are countless volunteer opportunities with the DNR. Here are some examples: LoonWatcher Survey, Frog and Toad Calling Study and many others. Here's a link to opportunities in your area.
You can also volunteer in a Scientific and Natural Area.
Fun Stuff To Do in Minnesota
Probably the most beautiful hiking trail in Minnesota is the Superior Hiking Trail by Lake Superior. But there are many lesser known and smaller trails throughout the state, for example, in the State Parks. The metro area has many great walking trails: around the city lakes, several trails in the Three River Parks and other places like the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary and the Landscape Arboretum which has several walking trails along with a scenic drive.
* Here are Trail Maps to specific areas in Minnesota including the North Shore.
There are biking trails throughout the state, for example, in the State Parks. There are also biking trails in some of the Three River Parks.
* See the DNR Trails List for information on biking trails.
For events, rides, trails, shops, clubs and more visit the online version of Minnesota Cyclist magazine.

Great River Energy - Mesabi Trail Ride Pictures and more.
-Stalking the Wild Edible Plant
Chances are you've been destroying good food in your yard every year. Many familiar "weeds" are edible and/or can be used as medicine.
CAUTION: Know what you are picking and that the plants are free of herbicides, pesticides etc.
Here are some helpful sites:
The Wild Food Summit is an "intensive hands-on experience that explores ways to identify, harvest and prepare wild foods."
The Forage Ahead group is a great place to get information too.
Here is a Plant Identification Guide for Minnesota Plants.

Trip Report: The First Annual Wild Food Summit
-Fossil Hunting
Because of advancing and retreating Precambrian seas, there are a few places in Minnesota where marine animal and plant fossils may be found.
* Here is a downloadable Guide for finding fossils in the Twin Cities and SE Minnesota area.
-Mushroom Hunting
Amanita Muscaria Americana Shaggy Dog Mushroom Giant Puffball Mushrooms come in many shapes and colors. Some smell like lemons, fruit, fish or raw potatoes, others smell like death. Some are eminently edible, others are poison.
You don't have to eat wild mushrooms to enjoy them: identify them, smell them, take pictures (some are brilliant red, orange and/or yellow or look like a shaggy dog!
Learn about wild mushrooms and go on forays with the Minnesota Mycological Society.
Using a GPS device, you can find hidden treasure(take and replace an item, leave a note). This activity is a lot of fun and gets you to places you probably wouldn't have checked out otherwise. Go to the Geocaching site for help getting started and enter your zipcode for waypoints to caches near you.
-Hay Rides
Roselawn Stables offers hayrides at your place or theirs.
You can't get much more leisurely than innertubing down a lazy river like the Zumbro River.
You can fish in most lakes and rivers in Minnesota.
* DNR General Information - Fishing
* This site has articles and forums on Seasonal Fishing Information plus Lots More.
Not your kind of stuff?
OK then, how about Books or Dining ?
-Timeshares in Minnesota
Need a comfortable place to kick off your shoes and to rest your head after a day on the slopes or on the ice? Minnesota timeshares are available for rent at many of the North Star State's finest resorts. These rental suites feature modern amenities including full kitchens, spacious living areas, jacuzzi tubs and multiple bedrooms for anyone traveling with a group.
* Breezy Point Lodge
* See More Minnesota Timeshares
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